What To Consider When Your Considering Selling Your Home

by Mario Acosta on January 7, 2013

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A Few Things To Consider

People who know that I am into Sherman Oaks real estate and do this for a living, will often ask me in a social setting how to go about selling their home. I always try and explain to them that there is no magic bullet. Each and every situation is truly unique. And that’s why I always try and explain the value of engaging a professional to have working for you on your side, looking out for you. Selling a home is often an overly complicated process. It doesn’t seem fair to expect yourself to be able to accomplish in a single sale, what a professional can, having sold hundreds. But there are a few things that I always tell my clients to help them best evaluate the beginning of the process. There are many time tested ways to ensure your house has the best chance of being sold.

1. Price Your House Right
Knowing what comparable houses in the same neighborhood have sold for recently is a crucial component to determining what price to set for entering the market. But, perhaps even more important, knowing what the trend is. You always want to stay ahead of the curve. Which might mean pricing more aggressively then what the current comps tell you. This can only be successfully accomplished by knowing what’s happening in the overall market and comparable neighborhoods in a given area.

2. Consider A Pre-Sale Inspection
A pre-sale inspection will let you know what items you need to fix before you put the house on the market. That’s often better than making concessions during the contract negotiation phase, because concessions based on needed repairs or upgrades often cost much more then completing the fixes before putting the house on the market. I know that this in itself is a scary prospect for many sellers who don’t know what to believe and who to trust. So once again, it comes down to engaging someone who you know is on your side looking out for your best interest.

3. Consider All Offers
A lower offer from a buyer with solid financing will always beat a higher offer from a buyer whose financing falls through. And a lower offer may turn out to be a better deal than a higher offer that comes with more conditions. Make sure you take the entire offer into consideration when determining which is best for you. Keep in mind that the longer the process the smaller your actual net will be. Because the entire time the home is for sale you will still be paying for all the associated costs which sometimes will add up to more than a lower offer accepted six months earlier. So know your numbers, be realistic and get involved with someone with experience, someone who can help look out for you.
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