Studio City Virtual Tours Channels Energy to Where It Counts

by Mario Acosta on September 18, 2013

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Virtual TourimagesThe Local Virtual Tour: a Tool for the 21st Century

My clients know how hard I strive to make every one of their home showings count. I know that your time is valuable, so cutting down on prospects who are not genuinely interested in homes like yours will conserve your energy for showings likely to pay off.

It’s why creating a Studio City virtual tour can be so invaluable.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, last year 90% of homebuyers used the Internet during their search. More and more frequently, what these buyers were looking for was to view a virtual tour of homes that piqued their interest.

As the name suggests, a virtual tour gives potential buyers the chance to look both inside and outside of homes their own computer, tablet or smartphone screen. Buyers simply click on the virtual tour link on a home’s web site or online listing. That triggers the video tour, which can be as complicated or simple as you like.

When a virtual tour in Studio City works effectively, it increases the number of in-the-flesh showings. It also eliminates the buyers who are least likely to make an offer: a virtual tour is a looky-loo eliminator!

For instance, suppose a buyer clicks on your virtual tour and discovers that your home features a compact backyard. Any buyer who has his or her heart set on a generous outdoor space will certainly decide against scheduling a showing. This isn’t a negative — that’s a buyer who would surely pass on your home after a real showing. Yet, since your virtual tour showcases your Studio City home’s best features, the odds are high that a potential buyer will want to tour in person if they either want or don’t care about the backyard’s size.

When creating a virtual tour, though, virtual tour Rule 1 applies: it absolutely, unquestionably must look professional. A reputable videography company with good production values can showcase your home’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Doing that takes a pro.

The Internet has changed the way everyone shops for homes. To harness the power of your home’s online real estate listing, give me a call today!


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