Studio City Ranked Among Top 25 Most Walkable Neighborhoods

by Mario Acosta on May 19, 2015

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Studio City was ranked 22nd on a list of almost 100 neighborhoods around Los Angeles for their walkability score., which provided the rankings on its website, determined the scores by measuring “the walkability of individual addresses based on proximity to nearby amenities.”

Studio City got a score of 75 out of 100, while nearby neighborhoods including North Hollywood, Toluca Lake and Valley Village had similar rankings. But Studio City, according to the list, is still the San Fernando Valley’s most walkable community.

The most pedestrian-friendly area of Studio City is likely Tujunga Village, a bohemian-inspired block of restaurants and shops along Tujunga Avenue sandwiched between Moorpark and Woodbridge streets.

Dozens of people crowded the sidewalks Friday outside Aroma Coffee & Tea Company, where one longtime Studio City resident said the neighborhood didn’t need to do much to improve its walkability score as long as it supported areas like Tujunga Village.

“There’s things to do and people to see” in the Village, said Peter, who declined to give his last name but added that he’d lived in Studio City for 26 years.

“It’s a great place to walk and ride bikes,” he added.

Another patron enjoying the atmosphere of the Village on Friday afternoon was Sylvia Perea of Northridge, who said if Studio City wanted to create a more pedestrian culture, it should provide more parking for its residents and visitors.

She said that although Tujunga Village was a good walking area, it still only covered one block of one street in Studio City.

“[Tujunga Village] works, but it’s just such a small area,” Perea said, adding, “[Studio City] is walkable, it’s just that there’s so much traffic.”

Unsurprisingly, considering Los Angeles’ car-centric culture, the entire city was ranked just 13th with a 65 on the walkability scale, compared to other large cities in the United States.

New York and San Francisco topped the list with scores of 85 and 84, respectively.

L.A. fell behind neighboring Long Beach, which ranked 12th with a score of 66. The last time the rankings came out in 2008, L.A. was ranked ninth.

Get a full breakdown of the way WalkScore came up with its rankings, or take a look at where your neighborhood fell on the list here.

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