Spring Cleaning

by Mario Acosta on March 4, 2013

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Spring is here – well almost. But it’s close enough that spring
cleaning comes to mind. We have talked here about major items you can
do to fix up your home, getting it ready to sell or just making it a
bit nicer for your enjoyment. But once a year, as spring arrives I
like to run through my list of spring cleaning and get ready for a
leisurely summer with a fresh start by a little spring cleaning.

You probably have a list of your own and I would love to hear your
ideas and items I may miss, however here is my list I wanted to share
with you.
Out with the old – make room for the new. My rule is if I haven’t
needed it in over a year it’s time to let someone else benefit from
it. Remove and donate unwanted – and unused items. Clean out the
attic and garage and give yourself a little breathing room. Take a
look at the storage unit if you have one. At a few hundred dollars a
month you can replace new, a lot of things that are stored but unused

Borrow or rent a power washer. There are great units at your local
hardware mega store to rent for a day – they are not even a very
expensive top purchase. Power wash exterior walls, porch floors,
driveway and sidewalks. There are specialized detergents for
different home surfaces and driveways. But even a good power washing
can completely freshen a winter dingy home.

Clean off your outdoor furniture, umbrellas and outdoor light
fixtures. It’s a good time to throw a little outdoor one coat paint
or clear varathane on outdoor items, it will protect and freshen them
up for the upcoming summer.

While you have the power washer, consider getting a ladder up to the
gutters and spraying them out as well.

Clean up your grill. Grill paint, a steel wool and a wire brush
combined with a little time and effort can completely resurrect your
grill and get it ready for continuous summer use.

Clean out the refrigerator and freezer, and be sure to vacuum out the
condenser coils (usually in the back). This will help the unit work
more efficiently, since the coils are such a dust trap.

Clean out the dryer exhaust tube and any lint that’s fallen behind or
under the dryer. A shop vac makes quick work of this task as will a
home vacuum with a hose attachment. If it needs more help to clear,
a wire hanger straightened with a hook fashioned on one end will
usually unclog the tube.

Re-seal natural stone surfaces, repair grout around sinks, tubs and
showers. Mildew can be killed with a simple bleach solution. After,
rinse well and let dry before you seal.

Check and repair any window or door leaks, and lubricate tracks, locks
and hinges. Also before the bugs make their summer appearance, repair
or replace any screens on windows and doors.

This is a great time to check and lubricate your garage door and
opener if you have one.

After a winter of having the house closed up it’s a good idea to clean
the blinds, shutters and window treatments.

Take your ladder and do a walk through and change out the batteries in
your smoke detectors, and any warning systems in your home. Make sure
all the sensor ports are clean and dust free to optimize their ability
to warn you of an emergency. Also if you have battery powered remote
entry devices, garage door openers and the like you can change the
batteries while you are at it.

Check and change any filters in the house. Central Air systems
usually have at least one main filter system. Wall units will each
have their own.

Last thing on my list is a tire check. Make sure the air pressure is
appropriate for summer months and take a look at your tread wear. It
is a good time of year to consider if you will be needing tires on
your car before next winter rolls around. If so you will be able to
watch for tire sales over the summer. Generally they go on sale in
the spring, and are most expensive at the start and through the winter

Well I have my list of things to do as you can see, so I better get to them.

Talk to you next week.

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