Sherman Oaks Short Sales Can Yield Profit…or a New Home!

by Mario Acosta on September 3, 2013

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underwater-short-sale-words-calculator-29539649Profitable Shortsales?

According to this year’s data provided by RealtyTrac, the best short sale deals can save home buyers as much as 33 – 57%. For a short sale in Sherman Oaks to result in anything like that kind of result in today’s improving market, buyers need to get active!

•    Research
While short sales indicate sellers under pressure to sell, not all short sales in Sherman Oaks are automatically good buys. To support your offer, first make sure that there are other homes in the area that brought higher prices. You could access that kind of information via online records on sites like Zillow and Trulia — but the most reliable information and its context will be more readily available if you use an agent who has the expertise to explain the numbers behind the published sales.

•    Elbow Grease
If you are buying a home with the aim of selling it for profit, you will find the highest returns on short sales attached to properties that need work. These homes are often sold for much less than their initial worth. This approach requires effort — but it’s a good way to proceed for those interested in creating a business out of buying and selling.

•    Timing
If your interest in buying a Sherman Oaks short sale home is to avoid having to make major improvements, combining a low purchase price can get half the job done if you turn around and flip it ASAP. Not every buyer has the flexibility to turn a short sale into a success, but if you do (and if you can buy at the right price), the profits come from placing the house back on the market and selling it for what it is worth.
If you are looking to buy a Sherman Oaks short sale this fall, I work for both buyers and sellers. All my clients gain access through my network to some of the best deals out there.

Whether you’re looking to start your investment portfolio, or just score a great deal for your family’s new home, call me today to learn how I can help you succeed!


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