After Listing, Courting the Multiple-Offer Scenario in Sherman Oaks

by Mario Acosta on September 13, 2013

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multipleoffersindexCompetition You Like: the Multiple-Offer Scenario

Unless you’ve been vacationing on the beach in St Marten all summer (in which case I’m jealous!) it’s likely that you’ve heard the news: right now in many parts of Sherman Oaks, we seem to be in what one can fairly consider a “seller’s market.” And if you’ve been thinking about selling, this perception could have caused dollar signs to start dancing through your head.

Priced and marketed correctly, if you are in fact considering listing your home, you actually could be in for some pleasant surprises. Multiple offers are making a comeback in many areas, and working with the Acosta Group in Sherman Oaks can provide you with the kind of informed guidance that attracts a spate of offers.

For a listing to create a multiple offer scenario, though, you usually need to observe some of the basics:

Jazz it up. Remember, “move-in ready” sells. Repairing minor flaws, repainting aging interior wall surfaces, deep cleaning or replacing worn carpets, power-washing the exterior, and putting the garden in trim all create enthusiastic buyers.

Build anticipation. Listing your house on a Tuesday with no showings until Friday can generate interest and draw a crowd. Consider taking the family out of town for the weekend to give your agent extra freedom to show all weekend. From hosting a Broker’s Open to the big debut open house and other marketing, make sure that your (town) listing is being properly promoted.

Rely on a skilled agent. That agent can supply advice which only depth of experience brings — such as not getting emotional when the offers arrive. High offers that carry a fistful of contingencies are not always the best offers – an experienced agent can help you differentiate the okay offers from the one that fills the bill.

The longer a home sits on the market, the more its DOM (days on market) tally grows and a sense of “staleness” begins to grow, leaking valuable negotiating leverage.

I’m here to answer your questions about real estate in Sherman Oaks — and to offer a marketing plan designed to get your Sherman Oaks listing sold this fall.

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