8 Smart Home Innovations to See at CES 2015

by Mario Acosta on July 30, 2015

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The behemoth that is the International CES trade show gets under way on January 6, and the buzz around the Las Vegas Convention Center is that 2015 could be the year that smart home technology tips into the mainstream. There is a concerted effort to build “ecosystems” that will help us manage multiple devices from the same platform. Belkin announced an expansion of its WeMo line of connected-home products, for instance, while Nest has added 15 companies to its Works With Nest program, which seeks to make its smart thermostat the eyes and ears of the connected home of the not-too-distant future. Here are eight smart-home innovations that we’re looking forward to seeing at this year’s CES.



Apple may not be exhibiting at CES this year, but it will still have remarkable reach thanks to HomeKit, a platform that lets companies develop smart-home gadgets that users can control with an iPhone or iPad. The introduction of HomeKit has sparked a race among innovators to create gadgets that can run on the platform. One of these, Withings, made a name for itself with wearables and other gadgets that promote health. This year it is branching out with Home, a smart HD camera and air-quality monitor that users can control from anywhere with an Apple device via HomeKit.


Nest is making waves at CES by announcing parnterships with 15 companies including LG, Big Ass Fans, Mercedes-Benz, and August Smart Locks, on a series of collaborations it is calling Works With Nest. It has worked with Whirlpool on a smart washer-dryer set that interfaces with your Nest thermostat to find out when you’re home and when you’re away. (The dryer, for instance, can switch to a longer, lower-temparature cycle that consumes less energy.)


Samsung‘s CEO, BK Yoon, used his CES keynote address to discuss his company’s acquisition of SmartThings, a startup that’s developed a “hub” to serve as a command center for a line of devices—enabling users to control appliances remotely via their smartphones. Samsung saw SmartThings as its entree into the connected-home marketplace while SmartThings saw, in Samsung, a quick route to a huge customer base for its products and platforms. SmartThings’ SmartPower outlet lets users control lamps, electronics, and small appliances remotely.



Dado Labs has developed a user-friendly smartphone interface that helps connect users to their home appliances. The company’s first partnerships are with Char-Broil and Saber grills and the coffee-maker company Behmor.


Flower Power by Parrott is a sensor that tells you, via a smartphone app, how much sunlight, moisture, and fertilizer your plants are getting (as well as whether they are too hot or too cold), and suggests adjustments so you can take better care of them.


Keen Home’s Smart Vent lets users remotely close heating and cooling vents in unused rooms, or rooms that tend to get excessively cool or hot—slight adjustments that could add up to big savings on the next utility bill. Decorative faceplates may be purchased for $20.


The Welcome HD smart camera by Netatmo uses advanced face-recognition technology to send an alert to a user’s smartphone when it detects an unfamiliar (and perhaps unwelcome) visitor.


Not only does LG‘s new Twin Wash System allow for the simultaneous washing of two separate loads (the mini-washer is suited for delicates that require unique wash settings), it also allows users to download preprogrammed wash cycles to a smartphone and activate them by simply tapping their phone to a sensor on the appliance.

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