5 Tips for Outdoor Décor

by Mario Acosta on May 12, 2015

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Need to freshen up your outdoor space? Get 5 expert tips that are sure to awaken your outdoor space from the sleepy slumber of winter.

Tip #1: Make It Private

Succulent Pocket Garden

Outdoor rooms require structure just as an indoor room to help provide intimacy and comfort. Some money-saving solutions for adding “walls” include: anchoring a wooden trellis in a large planter and hanging small pots of colorful flowers throughout; attaching sheer fabric panels to porch overhangs with metal hoops and hooks; or propping a reclaimed garden gate behind a bench or against a deck railing.

Tip #2 Hanging Planters

For proper visual balance, designers often group objects in odd numbers and also stagger their heights to keep the eye moving. This same principle applies to hanging planters. To fill an exposed corner of the patio, suspend a trio of hanging baskets with consistent spacing.

Tip #3: Furniture Options

Outdoor Deck Featuring Turquoise Table and Brass Chairs
Furnishing an outdoor room can quickly add up, but using creativity and some elbow grease will save your budget. Colorful spray paints are great for plastic furniture and don’t require priming. Dress up other pieces with slipcovers and outdoor fabric pillows.

Tip #4: Lighting

Often, outdoor rooms are used during the evening so providing lighting needs to be considered. Reuse holiday lights to add interesting, subtle lighting to an outdoor room.

Tip #5: Soften Hard Edges

Graphic Pink Rug on Outdoor Patio With Tree Stumps, Wooden Bench
Adding a rug can add color and define the outdoor space. Transform a basic drop cloth into a one-of-a-kind outdoor area rug with a ruler, some painter’s tape and stripes of your favorite bold hue. Or paint a faux rug on a patio floor using stencils and ordinary house paint. Seal with polyurethane for a long lasting accent.


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